Voyage – The Film

PTM Edge Watersports teams with JAOPRO for VOYAGE this fall

PTM Edge Watersports will team up with JAOPRO for the launch of Voyage PTMedge this September. PTM Edge is a division of Protomet Corporation. Protomet has a 16-year history of manufacturing products for the Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Scientific, and Marine Industries. In 2005, Protomet began working on a mirror technology for a scientific instrument that required prescription grade optics. Clarity and precision were the driving parameters. Fast forward to 2011 and Protomet is bringing the View4rce mirror technology to the marine industry and winning the IBEX Innovation Award for best new product of 2011. All of Voyage’s  boats will be outfitted with these award-winning mirror systems courtesy of PTM Edge. JAOPRO’s team and crew is thrilled to work and share this adventure with PTM Edge as they travel 1,000 miles to the Gulf of Mexico.  To find out more about PTM Edge and all their products, we encourage you to check out their website here. For more info about Voyage and what’s to come click here!